REPORT: DirecTV Offering Refunds on NFL Sunday Ticket Because of Players Kneeling During Anthem

Houston Texans v New England Patriots

If you watched football this past Sunday, you were likely bombarded with images and videos of hundreds of NFL players participating in some type of National Anthem protest.

If it upset you enough that you’re now turned off from football and don’t care to watch the NFL any longer, DirecTV has some good news for you.

They are allowing anyone to cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket subscription during the season. This is notable because DirecTV usually doesn’t offer refunds for Sunday Ticket once the season has started.

“DirecTV is allowing some customers to cancel their subscriptions of its NFL Sunday Ticket package and get refunds, citing players’ protests during national anthem, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Refunds typically aren’t given to customers once the season has started. But according to The Wall Street Journal, “representatives said they are making exceptions this season—which began in September—because of the controversy over the protests, in which players kneel or link arms during the national anthem.”

The high number of anthem protests is due to Donald Trump’s comments about ‘son of a bitch’ NFL players disrespecting the American flag by kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner.

This is sure to kill NFL ratings.

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