Cam Newton Calls Kaepernick a Legend; Says He Is Now Considering a Protest Of His Own

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a guy that changes his mind a lot. He’s went from straddling the fence on the national anthem protest to make both sides happy, to now actually considering a protest of his own.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback was recently asked about his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick. He had nothing but good things to say about him, including calling him a legend.


Here he is talking about a possible protest during the team’s next game against the New England Patriots.

“Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said Wednesday that he’s “absolutely” taking time to consider a protest this week, when his team plays Sunday at New England.

Newton said he has talked this week with athletes and entertainers, considering what the next steps in responding to comments by President Donald Trump and raising awareness of racial issues in the country.

“The time is upon us to do something to bring people closer together,” Newton said.

And Newton said he doesn’t feel like it’s too late, although almost every other team staged some sort of protest on Sunday, because the subject of protest is ongoing in the country.

“It was popular to do something this past Sunday,” he said, “but there’s still an opportunity.”

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