Here’s a Photo Of The Steelers During The Anthem That The Media Doesn’t Want You To See (PICS)


Of all the stories to come from a protest-filled week 3 in the NFL, perhaps none gained more attention than the one at Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday. It was there that cameras caught Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva standing alone, just outside the tunnel with his hand over his chest.

The image of Villanueva standing alone became a rallying cry for everyone out there who is opposed to the anthem protests.  It also came after Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had just told the media that his entire team would remain in the locker room for the anthem.  Even quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has since come out and said he regrets his decision to not join Villanueva on the field as the Star-Spangled Banner played.

Well, it turns out that Big Ben and the rest of the Steelers players weren’t too far behind Villanueva after all.

While everyone has been under the assumption that Mike Tomlin and the rest of the Steelers sat in the locker room during the anthem, these photos reveal the truth—that the Steelers players and coaches were actually just inside the tunnel, not far behind Villanueva, standing at attention for the national anthem.

As for Mike Tomlin, he was on the sideline standing during the playing of the anthem: 

There you have it. The Steelers weren’t just sitting at their lockers, listening to Drake on their headphones while the national anthem played at Soldier Field. They were standing right there, only 10-20 feet behind army vet and teammate Alejandro Villanueva.

Can we give these guys a break now?

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