Shannon Sharpe Responds To Ray Lewis’ Claim He Was Praying, Not Protesting (VIDEO)

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After photos and video came out from London showing Ray Lewis kneeling with the Baltimore Ravens, the first word out of social media’s mouth was ‘hypocrite.’ Lewis was called a hypocrite because of his stance against kneeling during the anthem, which he stated many times—including on ‘Undisputed,’ when he told former teammate Shannon Sharpe that he would never do it.

Sharpe spoke on that fact during Monday’s show and expressed his disappointment with the Ravens legendary linebacker. Sharpe’s main issue was that Lewis said one thing, then changes his entire stance after Trump’s negative comments towards NFL players.

After seeing those comments, Ray put out a fiery response to his so-called friend, who he claims could’ve just called him and clarified what he was doing. Lewis went on to say that he was praying to God, not protesting.

On Wednesday’s edition of ‘Undisputed’, it was time for Sharpe to respond back to Ray. He acknowledged that he could’ve did some things different, but he was still disappointed that people are still talking about the anthem and not the actual issue that these protests are trying to raise awareness for.

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