Yankees FAN Ejected for Tipping Pitches During Gary Sanchez At-Bat (Video)

yankees fan ejected for tipping pitches

A Yankees fan sitting behind home plate did his best to make sure the Bronx Bombers had the home field advantage against the Rays on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, his pitch tipping was not very subtle, and he got ejected for his efforts.

The incident occurred in the bottom of the eighth, with the Yankees up 4-1. While Gary Sanchez was at the plate, the fan yelled “outside!” in Spanish in an effort to let Sanchez know that Rays catcher Wilson Ramos had set up on the outside part of the plate.

Obviously, tipping pitches is not allowed, so home plate umpire Dan Bellino called time, walked to the backstop, and told an usher to kick the guy out.

Take a look:


Did you happen to notice the look on the face of the guy sitting next to the cheater? Priceless.

yankees fan ejected for tipping pitches friend reaction

After the game, Gary Sanchez pointed out that knowing a pitch will be outside or inside doesn’t give the hitter that much of advantage if he doesn’t also know what kind of pitch it will be. But you still can’t do that.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi was pleased with the way the situation was handled, as was Rays manager Kevin Cash.

“The Yankees handled it really well and got him out of there,” Cash told reporters.

Let this be a lesson to fans: if you want to help your team cheat, be more discreet.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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