Cardinals’ Chris Johnson Gets Custom Tupac Cleats (PIC)

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.07.10 AM

Chris Johnson just scored himself some very fancy and sharp Tupac cleats that were inspired by the movie poster for the 1992 Tupac and Omar Epps film, Juice. Sadly,  because of the NFL’s strict uniform policy, they may not see the light of day come game time.

The shoes were designed by Desmond “Skilz” Jones, according to TMZ. They say that Johnson planned to wear them both before and during Sunday’s matchup against the 49ers, but one look at the shoes makes one wonder how they would be legal.

Check ’em out:


The shoes reportedly took 10 hours to customize, so it would be a shame if they didn’t make national TV. But I can’t imagine that the NFL would let these slide given the uniform code and current climate in the NFL. There’s a certain implication with a player claiming he has the “juice” amid all the controversy right now.

But stranger things have happened.

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