Social Media Shared Their CRAZIEST Week 3 NFL Fantasy Stories; Here Are The Best (TWEETS)

Jordan Howard Fantasy

Here’s the thing about fantasy football.  Once August rolls around, you find yourself buried in blurbs about booms and busts for the upcoming season.  You have your first draft of the year, and you want more.  So you enter a few more leagues.  With multiple teams now, you think you’re set, and you couldn’t be happier with the rosters you’ve put together…

Then, by week 3, it’s all falling apart before your very eyes. Each of your so-called “studs” is putting up duds, your bench is going off but you’ve been too scared to start them, and you’re off to an 0-3 start after being foiled for the third straight week on Monday night?

Hate to break it to you, but that’s fantasy football.  It’s great. It sucks. It’ll make you laugh.  It’ll make you cry. And in 3 months, it’ll all be over.  Buckle up and enjoy it while it’s here.

Speaking of Monday night heartbreaks, Larry Fitzgerald was handing out a few of those in week 3:



What’s worse than getting beat by a 34-year-old receiver on Monday night? How about losing on Zeke’s final carry, which went for a loss of eight yards:



That last one is just brutal.

If you ask me, the only thing worse than losing on a Monday nighter is losing because you left valuable points on your bench. There’s nothing you can do about a player putting up a monster game against you on a Monday night, but there is something you can do about your roster.

And when you make decisions that cost you a victory, it hurts. Just ask these people:




Another things that sucks? Ties!



Tough week for this Lions fan:



This is bad:



And this is even worse:



Not to self: Never play fantasy football with the wife.

What’s worse than losing to your wife? How about losing to a team comprised entirely of Jacksonville Jaguars players:



My reaction exactly.

Here’s another fantasy football rule to live by: Never trust projections and win probabilities:



Don’t you hate when you get beat by the dude that doesn’t even look at his lineup?



Here are a couple more nail biters for you:



And finally, my favorite from week 3…



Good one, Yahoo!

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