Trail Attacker Tries to Abduct Kickboxing Instructor, Gets His Nuts Smashed Instead (VIDEO)

kickboxing instructor makes would-be abductor pay

Police in Overland Park, Kansas, say an attacker tried to abduct a female jogger on the Indian Creek Trail on Tuesday night. Fortunately, he picked the wrong woman.

Overland Park resident Stephanie Steiniger, 51, is not just any jogger. She’s also a kickboxing instructor. So when the man approached her, asked for the time, and then grabbed her wrist, she immediately twisted loose from his grip and kicked him square in the nuts.

“I don’t do anything half-way,” Steiniger told Kansas City Star. “I kicked hard.”

As she ran off in the direction of a nearby restaurant, Steiniger says she heard the man letting out “a guttural moan.”

Police say the man fled the scene, around Quivira Road and 119th Street, in a southwesterly direction. He was described as a slim white male in his late 20s or early 30s, with dark hair and glasses. He was wearing a dark hoodie, white t-shirt, dark jeans, and glasses.

The badass Steiniger recounted the incident in an interview with the Star on Wednesday. Take a look:

Steiniger admitted to the Star that, in the hours after the attack, she questioned whether she did the right thing. However, Overland Park Police spokesman John Lacy says fighting back was absolutely the correct call.

“When you fight back like she did, you survive,” Lacy told the Star. “You should scream, struggle, call for help. I have a teenaged daughter and I tell her she should fight.”

Steiniger is now speaking up to raise awareness.

“I want other women to be aware,” she said. “It could happen to you.”

If it ever does happen to you, be like Steiniger and kick the guy in the nuts.

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