LeBron and D-Wade Celebrate First Practice as Cavs Teammates by Drinking Wine, Because They’re Classy and Sophisticated (Video)

lebron dwyane wade drink wine

What do a couple of besties do when they’ve been reunited after three years? If they’re classy and sophisticated, they get together after work and drink some wine.

That’s what Lebron and D-Wade did on Wednesday night.

Earlier Wednesday, Dwyane Wade took part in his first Cavaliers workout after signing a one-year deal to join LeBron in The Land.

Lebron was super excited.

“It’s kind of like when you start school, and you walk into the classroom not quite sure who your classmates is, and when you walk in and one of your best friends is in there, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s gonna be fun,'” James told USA Today‘s Jeff Zillgitt.

How did they celebrate the first day of school? Unfortunately, it was a little too cold to bust out the banana boat, and, really, you don’t want to engage in recreational water sports on Cleveland waterways, even if it’s the middle of summer. So instead D-Wade and LeBron still celebrated their reunion by busting out some vino like a couple of oenophiles.

Naturally D-Wade, a noted Snapchat enthusiast, made sure to document their tasting for fans.


Just like old times.

By the way, has anybody seen poor Chris Bosh?

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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