Richard Sherman: ‘Stop The Racism, Bigotry & Inequality & We’ll Stop Protesting’ (VIDEO)

richard sherman

Richard Sherman is easily one of the most outspoken players in the entire league when it comes to social issues, and that includes the controversy regarding the ongoing anthem protests.

On Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback had a very easy solution for the people who are fed up with the kneeling during the anthem.  According to him, only one thing needs to be done, and this all goes away.

“At this point in time, there are certain people in this world who already have their opinions made up, their eyes are closed, their ears are closed, so they are no longer formulating opinions,” he said. “… I think for the most part though, for those that are accepting in our society, those people that are open and have open hearts and a good moral compass, I think they were received incredibly well. At the end of the day, you can’t make everybody happy, and we’re not trying to. We’re just trying to help people become more aware of the issues that are out there; the injustices and the inequalities that are in the world, and I think we did that.”

“What I would like to see is that the inequality and divisiveness stop,” Sherman said. “I would like the racism and bigotry to stop. If that happened, the demonstrations can stop. So my message to everyone out there is, ‘Hey, stop the racism, bigotry and inequality, and there’s nothing for these players to protest.’”

He also wanted to make it clear that the players will not be bullied by the President of the United States:


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