Victor Oladipo & 2 Chainz Team Up to Make Anti-Trump Song (AUDIO)

Oladipo 2 Chainz

Yup. That headline is pretty weird for us, too. That doesn’t change the fact that the Pacers’ Victor Oladipo is a VERY talented singer, so teaming up with rapper 2 Chainz, though random, does make some amount of sense.

The duo recorded a song called “Rope a Dope,” regarding the President’s comments on the National Anthem protests that have rocked the sporting world over the past week.

In a press release, Oladipo said the following:

“I wanted to address what was going on and bring awareness to it, but in a positive manner. I want people to feel inspired and motivated to be great, and to stand up and have confidence. We need to come together as a country to deal with these problems. We aren’t going to solve anything unless we’re united.”

I don’t know if the song will help people come together, but it’s not bad. Have a listen:

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