Washington Wizards’ Kelly Oubre: ‘I’m Not a Lesbian, I’m a Grown Man’

Washington Wizards Media Day

Kelly Oubre hears your heckling and he wanted to make one thing clear about your insults.

During an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic, the Washington Wizards baller was speaking on the insults he hears from fans all the time. One insult he hears all the time is people calling him a “lesbian.”

“People call me a lesbian a lot. They think I look like a female girl or a teenage girl or something. I understand I’m a pretty dude. They might be mad that their wife likes me or something,” he said.

“I’m not a lesbian. I’m a grown man. I’ve heard that multiple times. I guess it’s something to try to get under my skin, but at the end of the day I know who I am. The whole Boston crowd screaming ‘F U Oubre,’ that was pretty creative of everybody in their arena. But I loved it, it was just part of the game.”

If you don’t believe it, just do a quick Twitter search of ‘Oubre’ and ‘Lesbian’ and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Besides being called a lesbian, Oubre is most known for this moment from a few months ago in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics.

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