Chargers Superfan “Boltman” Had a Run-In with StubHub Center Security and Now Says He’ll Never Go Back (Video)

boltman run-in with security at chargers game

Chargers superfan Dan Jauregi, who for 20 years has been attending games dressed as Boltman, the team’s unofficial mascot, attended his first Chargers game at the StubHub Center in Carson last weekend. Unfortunately, after a little run-in with StubHub security, it might also have been his last.

In an interview with a local sports talk radio show this week, Jauregi said he was detained for 20 minutes and very nearly ejected because he was wearing his mask in the StubHub Center concourse.

“They treated me like a criminal,” Jauregui claimed. “You can’t even make this stuff up—to harass one of your most recognizable fans.”

Jauregui went on to say that, if someone hadn’t been recording the encounter with security, they would have roughed him up “like Rodney King.”

Chargers spokesperson Josh Rupprecht says Jauregui’s account is wildly inaccurate. Official StubHub Center policy allows fans to wear masks/costumes in their seats. However, for security reasons, they have to remove them in the concourses, at concession stands, and while entering the stadium.

Rupprecht says an associate of Boltman called the Chargers ticket office two days before the game to ask about the mask policy.

“Our ticket office was contacted on Friday by that member of Bolt Pride, who raised the question that if he brought Boltman to the game as his guest on Sunday, would Boltman be subject to the StubHub Center policy on masks?” Rupprecht told the Times of San Diego via email. “Two senior level Ticket Sales & Services employees jointly spoke on the phone with the Bolt Pride member and informed him that yes, Boltman would be subject to the mask policy if he were to come to the game as StubHub Center security was adamant that this policy needed to be enforced uniformly.”

Rupprecht says Boltman complied with the mask policy at the gate.

“On Sunday, Boltman arrived with the member of Bolt Pride who we spoke to on the phone and entered the gate without his mask. Once inside, Boltman proceeded to put on his mask while on the concourse.”

That’s when he was approached by security. In the video Jauregui provided to the Times of San Diego, you hear security explain the mask policy, and you hear Jauregui argue with them about it. You do not see any security guards lose their temper or resort to violence of any kind.

Jauregui says he was confused about the policy because employees did not make him remove his mask at the gate. He says he waltzed right in “like President Trump.” And in an email to the Times of San Diego, the guy who didn’t want to comply with the stadium’s security policy blasts stadium employees for not adhering to the stadium’s security policy.

“One very important thing you should be aware of is we have footage of [me] going through security and no one said anything—didn’t even have me take my mask off or go through any search,” Jauregui wrote.

“I could have been a terrorist and they would have had a real problem. Hey, [they] let me just walk through with everything on without taking [off] the mask; that’s why I was confused when I came in and they made me take it off after passing the security gate with no pat down or questions asked.

“So where’s the security where it’s really needed?” he said. “We have footage to verify this.”

Boltman now says he might never go to another game in Carson.


That, of course, is his choice. But this is all Boltman’s fault. He didn’t like the rules, and he made a big stink about it. Unless he releases more video footage that shows security mistreating him, I’m on their side.

Hat Tip – [Times of San Diego]

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