Deion Sanders Got Himself A New Hairline & He’s Damn Proud About It: “I’m Back” (VIDEO)

You may have noticed during Thursday Night Football that Deion Sanders looked rather different from what you were accustomed to seeing.

Here’s a look at what the former Falcons, Cowboys and Niners shutdown corner looked like while working the Bears-Packers game at Lambeau:


Primetime has hair? It turns out he finally got tired of the bald look and went and paid top dollar to get his hair restored.

Watch him show the world on Instagram how insanely happy he is about his newfound hair.

“I just want y’all to know…it feels so good to be back.”

“Hey show ‘em. This ain’t no dye! Show em. What? You see?! What? Why? Eh, bruh bruh. Ain’t no dye. That’s me. I’m back.”

“Money?! Money is something! Money is a blessing!”

“Everybody buying booty. I got some hair!!!”


I’M BACK!! Lololololol. Money is truly a blessing when used properly. @dermonico _townsend #Truth @traceyeedmonds @coachcfuller24 @revjahwar I went to @Restore in Chicago. Same folks whom did my dear friend Brian Urlacher. 630-823-4002. ask for Hair Jordan. #Truth my curl should be back by the [email protected] @Nflnetwork @nfl

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