High School Football Team Forfeits Entire Season After Seven Players Take Oxy Before Game

high school football team forfeits season after seven players take oxycodone before game

A high school football team in New York has had to forfeit the rest of its season after a bunch of players loaded up on prescription painkillers before a game.

According to Buffalo ABC affiliate WKBW, seven players on the Geneseo High School varsity football team took oxycodone prior to last Friday’s 26-24 win over Bolivar-Richburg Central. Six of the players were 16 years old. One was just 15.

It is not known exactly why the players took the drugs before the game, but presumably it was to numb the pain that tends to accompany smashing heads together.

The students were turned in by someone on their team. Geneseo Police are now investigating the incident. Chief Eric Osganian says it is alleged that one of the seven took the pills from his parents’ house without their knowledge and distributed them to team members.

Distributing a controlled substance on school property could result in a felony charge. However, it will be up to the Livingston County District Attorney to decide how to proceed. For now, the seven players have been kicked off the team for violating the school district’s Code of Conduct and Athletic Eligibility Standards. And because the team does not have enough players to field a team without those seven, they have to forfeit the remainder of the season.

Sadly, by forfeiting the team’s season, the lesson they are teaching the kids who didn’t do anything wrong is “don’t snitch on your friends.”

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