Jalen Rose Thinks Cleveland Could Host a ‘Banana Boat Reunion’ in 2018

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That’s probably a pretty weird headline if you don’t know the relevance of the banana boat in the context of the NBA, so let’s back up a minute.

A couple years ago, the biggest players in the NBA—Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony (not pictured), and LeBron James—all got together on vacation where they took this now-legendary picture on a banana boat.

Speaking on the Dime Podcast, Jalen Rose posited how he thought the reunion on the Cavs could come to fruition:

“How about this for your theory? Isaiah Thomas is in the last year of his deal. Chris Paul is on a one-year deal. How bout he can leave Houston after this year and end up in Cleveland as well? There’s your superteam in the Eastern Conference, if they so choose. And lastly, the other person you mentioned, Carmelo. Same thing. If that’s what he chose. That could also take place at the end of this year. In the Eastern Conference it has more gravity, because the Eastern Conference, especially from four, five teams down, is more wide open.

“In the Western Conference, that doesn’t necessarily win it. That doesn’t necessarily win certain divisions. That doesn’t necessarily win you the conference, having those four players together on a team. Though CP3 is still playing at an All-Star level and LeBron at an MVP level, Melo’s still scoring 20-plus points and Dwyane Wade is still 18-plus point scorer last season. So, while still productive, there’s still a handful of teams — the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs stay in the mix, I think people are underestimating the Los Angeles Clippers, the Minnesota Timberwolves are coming, and the Houston Rockets stay in the mix — [that could challenge them]. Based on that, it’s going to take place with, as you mention the Banana Boat crew, it would be more apt to take place in the Eastern Conference.”

Got all that? Essentially, it boils down to Chris Paul joining Cleveland. Duh.

The Cavs would have to dump contracts, but so would anyone else in the chase for Chris Paul. It’s all conjecture, and Paul has yet to play even one game in Houston. But it’s a fun theory, isn’t it?

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