MMA Cornerman Jumps Into Octagon and Attacks Opponent After Ref Fails to Stop Fight (Video)

mma cornerman jumps into ring and attacks opponent after ref fails to stop fight

An MMA fight in Brazil spiralled into complete and utter chaos when a cornerman jumped into the cage and attacked his guy’s opponent.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because almost the exact same thing happened in another fight back in February.

The fight in question here was between welterweights Silmar “Sombra” Nunes and Caio “Paturi” Silva on September 23. Nunes put Silva into a guillottine choke, but Silva didn’t tap out, and so he was knocked unconscious. Nunes told the ref several times that Silva was out, but the ref didn’t agree.

After about 25 seconds, Silva’s brother, light heavyweight fighter Dax Silva, jumped into the cage and started wailing on Nunes.

Take a look:

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“I caught him with a guillotine and he didn’t tap,” Nunes told MMA Fighting. “I squeezed it and told the referee that he went out, but the referee said ‘no.’ I told him twice, but he checked his foot and hand and said ‘no’ even though I knew he was sleeping.

“Everybody saw what was going on. When I decided to let the submission go and turn to check on him, his brother jumped into the cage and started to punch me. He threw six or seven punches, but I blocked most of them, and then more people came in to stop him, so I immediately checked on ‘Paturi.'”

Silva’s brother, Dax, doesn’t dispute Nunes’ side of the story, and he feels kind of bad for attacking him. But he says he doesn’t regret it, because it might have saved his brother’s life.

“I was wrong for attacking ‘Sombra,’ but even with that he was still worried about my brother,” Dax Silva explained. “I was wrong, and I apologized to ‘Sombra,’ but I don’t think it was a mistake to enter the cage. When would the referee stop the fight? My brother could have had brain damage or even died. I admit that I made a mistake, but it’s not fair to criticize me. If I didn’t do that, people would be reaching out to me today saying, ‘I’m sorry for your brother’s death.”

So what the hell was wrong with the referee? Well, the first problem is that he wasn’t actually a referee. He was pro MMA fighter Jorge Gomes. The fight was part of a charity event. Something went wrong and the promotors didn’t have anybody to referee the main event between Nunes and Silva, so they grabbed Gomes out of the crowd and asked him to be the ref.

Gomes defended himself when he spoke to MMA Fighting.

“I was there to watch the event,” he explained. “I’m not a referee, I’m a fighter. I’ve worked in a few fights before, but nothing big, only small shows. They had an issue with referees and the promoter got nervous, so he came to me, as I was in attendance with my wife, and asked me if I wanted to help him out.

“I told him I was not a referee, that I’m a fighter, but since the situation was escalating and everyone was getting euphoric, I agreed to go there. But I jumped on this grenade and I’m the one being criticized.”

Dax Silva accuses Gomes of drinking in the stands before he jumped into the ring to serve as referee. Gomes vehemently denies that was the case.

“That’s not true. Not true at all. They can say whatever they want now, though.”

Regardless of whether Gomes was drinking before stepping into the ring, it’s obviously the promotors who are to blame. You simply cannot hold a professional MMA fight without a professional referee.

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