Newly Released Body Cam Footage Has Social Media Thinking Michael Bennett Lied About Vegas Incident (VIDEO)

Michael Bennett

Earlier this month, Michael Bennett took to social media and talked about an incident that happened to him in Las Vegas on August 26, immediately following the McGregor-Mayweather fight. Bennett explained how Vegas police sought him out after an apparent shooting and put a gun to his head, all while threatening to shoot him.

He even posted a still-photo of what appeared to be an officer pointing a gun at his head while he was down on the ground.


On Friday, Las Vegas police said they found “no evidence” that officers used excessive force on Michael Bennett and released various versions of body cam footage to further prove their point.

That footage, which has been seen by thousands, has many believing Bennett was lying about being racially profiled—even though it doesn’t actually show the moment of Bennett’s arrest.

Many individuals took to Twitter to call him out.