Tiger Woods Admits His Golf Career May Be Over (Video)

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Image via Getty

For years now golf fans have been waiting for Tiger Woods to make his comeback. After all, this is perhaps the greatest golfer of all time we’re talking about. And he’s only 41! Surely, if anybody can make a late career comeback, it’s him, right?

Unfortunately, it’s quite possible that the answer may very well be no. And now, even Tiger Woods himself is admitting that.

Woods has been dealing with a bad back over the last several years and has undergone several surgeries. Though he says he is now slowly starting to hit again, speaking to reporters at the Presidents Cup this week he addressed his fans’ worst nightmares.

“I don’t know what my future holds,” Woods said. When asked specifically if it’s possible he may never compete again, Woods was very candid.

“Yeah, definitely. That’s going to take time to figure out what my capabilities are going forward,” Woods said, “and there’s no rush.”

How ironic that Tiger spent so many years as the fittest player on the PGA tour, and now pudgy guys like Phil Mickelson are still going strong while he can’t hit a ball any more than 60 yards.

Of course, if it turns out Tiger cannot return to golf, at least that would give him more time to work on his personal life. Lord knows that needs some work.

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