Britt McHenry Wants NFL To Apologize To Vegas Cops Because Michael Bennett Lied About What Happened

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On Friday, Las Vegas cops released more body cam footage from their run-in with Michael Bennett in Las Vegas in August. That incident caused quite the uproar after Bennett stated he was racially profiled and had his life threatened by an officer.

After reviewing the footage, former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry took to twitter and demanded that the NFL apologize to Las Vegas police officers for believing the false allegations brought upon them by the Seattle Seahawks defensive end.


Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo stated his officers acted ‘appropriately and professionally’ when dealing with Michael Bennett. He also stated that an investigation revealed no evidence to support Bennett’s claim that he was profiled because of his race, or that the cops used excessive force.

He did acknowledge that the arresting officer who failed to turn his body camera on might face departmental discipline as a result.

“Mr. Bennett has a valid perspective as a person who experienced a reasonable-suspicion stop for a felony crime,” Lombardo told reporters. “Those who experience such a stop, especially when they have not committed a crime, are not likely to feel good about it.”

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