GoFundMe Started To Free Browns Fan Arrested For Rushing on Field & Losing His Season Tickets

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During Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, one Cleveland Browns fan decided he wanted to help his struggling team out. He figured the best way to do so was by jumping on the field in an effort to improve their rushing totals and put points on the board, but stadium security didn’t have the same mindset. They tackled and arrested him.


Soon after being arrested, one of his buddies took to GoFundMe and started posting a link to get his friend free. The description he put on the page is absolutely hilarious.

It reads as follows:

“We are raising money to support the Cleveland Browns season leading rusher – Kevin. This week he passed the rest of the team and rushed for 116 yards while eluding tackles from local law enforcement.  In addition to losing his season tickets, a fine, and the freedom to enter the stadium for the foreseeable future, Kevin will need funds to watch the game from home and not the pen.  In a way, we Browns fans all wish we were a little more like Kevin, and were not legally allowed to waste money on dissapointment and grief each and every week year after year after year. Any proceeds above and beyond fees for becoming the franchises leading rusher will be used to throw a tailgate party rooting against the Browns! Thank You in advance for your support!”

So far, the ‘Browns’ leading rusher’ has $30 donated towards his bail.

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