Terry Bradshaw Calls Antonio Brown ‘Spoiled Brat” After Sideline Tantrum (VIDEO)

Antonio Brown1

On Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown found himself wide open in the second quarter, but QB Ben Roethlisberger was scrambling and just didn’t see his star receiver open downfield.


That infuriated Brown, so he took to the sideline and threw a temper tantrum, knocking over a Gatorade bucket and pushing away a coach.  

While calling the highlights for the first half, Terry Bradshaw absolutely laid into Brown, calling him a ‘spoiled brat,’ for his actions on the sideline.

“The reason we’re showing you this is to show you how selfish receivers can be. Roethlisberger doesn’t throw it to Brown. Brown pitches a fit. Acts like the spoiled brat that he probably is. And I’d sit him, I guarantee, for at least one play.”

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