Marquette King Attempts Idiotic Fake Punt, Throws Ball at Broncos Player When It Doesn’t Work (Video)

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Image via Getty

Flamboyant Raiders punter Marquette King hasn’t generated many headlines so far this season. Apparently, on Sunday, he decided it was time for that to change.

With the Raiders trailing the Broncos 16-7 late in the third quarter, coach Jack Del Rio sent King out to punt the ball from their own 30-yard line on a 4th and 11. Only there was no punt. Instead, Marquette King faked the punt and ran for the first down.

King did not make it. In fact, he didn’t even come close. He got tackled by Broncos tight end Jordan Taylor about five yards short.

Take a look:

We don’t know for sure, but to a lot of observers don’t think that was a designed play. They think Marquette King called the play himself…which is something you can do if you’re, say, Tom Brady, but not if you’re a punter most famous for dancing.

Regardless of whether it was Del Rio or King who called the play, it was definitely King who made things so much worse after the fact by spiking the football into the back of Denver’s Andy Janovich:

That little tantrum cost the Raiders another 15 yards.

As Raiders beat writer Vic Taufer pointed out, Marquette King might be the most-penalized punter in football.

Stay classy, Marquette King.

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