Michael Beasley: ‘Talent-Wise, I Match Up With Durant, LeBron’

New York Knicks Media Day

Michael Beasley is extremely confident in his ability to play basketball.

It’s not just your everyday type of confidence either. The New York Knicks forward recently had an interview with Bleacher Report and explained just how good he thinks he is in the talent department.

“[It’s] mostly perception. As far as talent-wise, I match up with Kevin [Durant], LeBron, I match up with the best guys in the world,” Beasley says.

“I’m not being cocky; it’s just always how I felt. But I got into trouble as soon as I got into the NBA, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.”

There you go, Knicks fans. Carmelo Anthony may be gone, but you still have a Durant- or LeBron-type player on the roster, at least according to Michael Beasley.

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