Nevada DOC Shared Footage Of O.J. Simpson Leaving Prison With His Few Belongings (VIDEOS)


O.J. Simpson, for the second time in his life, has been found to be a free man by the legal system. After being told “Don’t come back” by the prison staff, the 70-year-old responded “I don’t intend to,” as he left Lovelock Correctional Center on Sunday.

Before leaving, he was advised to take all his personal effects, no matter how trivial, so that his former cellmates didn’t try to sell them on eBay for a quick buck. Strange circumstances, but that just seems to be the way of things when it comes to the weirdness that is O.J. Simpson.

He walked out the door quietly at 12:08, just minutes after he was eligible to leave, all to avoid a big media circus surrounding his release. It appeared to have worked…well, except for the one dude from the Nevada DOC, who decided to tape O.J.’s farewell and post it to Facebook:

O.J.’s on the streets once again. Be careful out there, folks.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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