Reports of Shots Fired on Campus of USC; Students Barricading Themselves *UPDATE: No Shots Fired*


It has been an absolutely crazy Monday.

Local authorities had to rush to the campus of USC on Monday after reports of shots being fired. Cops have yet to confirm any shots have actually been fired.

“More than a dozen LAPD squad cars raced to the University of Southern California campus moments ago after reports of a shooting … though cops have not confirmed that shots were actually fired.

USC has sent an alert saying, “Police searching Fertitta Hall. Shots reported but not confirmed. Shelter in place.”

Video has surfaced showing police investigating and students running from campus.

Students are being escorted away from the buildings and told to go inside.

Some students are reporting that they heard gunfire. Cops have yet to confirm shots fired. They are currently looking.

We’re told some students are barricading themselves. “

Story still developing … 



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