Sounds Like FOX Will No Longer Air The National Anthem Before NFL Games

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks

It looks like the national anthem protests have forced at least one network to rethink the way they broadcast NFL games, and their decision should please many.

On Sunday, Fox Sports President Eric Shank said the network makes it a policy to avoid airing any pre-game ceremonies live because of an agreement with their sponsors. As a result, they will continue to avoid airing any National Anthem’s live (except for games in London).

“As we have in previous broadcasts of NFL games from London, Fox will show the National Anthem as well as God Save the Queen live. As is standard procedure, regionalized coverage of NFL game airing on FOX this Sunday will not show the National Anthem live; however, our cameras are always rolling and we will document the response of players and coaches on the field,” Fox said in a statement.

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