10-Team Parlay Nets Gambler an INSANE Return on His $155 Bet

Online Football Gambling

A very lucky gambler hit a ten-team, multi-sport parlay that put action on the Golden State Warriors, Mets, Dodgers, Rockies, Yankees, Twins, a WNBA team, and a Serie A and Super Liga team.

As weird as it was, it paid off…big time.

The betting site itself tweeted out the result of the multi-sport parlay that saw $155 turn into a $96,000 return.

In case you’re looking to duplicate the magic, here’s the roster of bets that earned one gambler more than what the average American makes in two years.

The bet took place back in June, but it’s just now being shared. I wonder why that is. I mean, the guy must have cashed this the second that last bet won, right?

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