Christian Ponder Says He Used To Blame God For Being A Terrible QB (VIDEO)


Former NFL quarterback Christian Ponder came into the league in 2011, but he found himself on the outside looking in following the 2014 season.

The 29-year-old former Minnesota Vikings QB, and his wife, reporter Sam Ponder, recently sat down at the Liberty University Convocation.While there, Christian decided to open up about his short-lived NFL career and who he used to blame for playing so badly on the field.

“With my faith going into the NFL, I honestly would think if I pray and get into the bible I’m gonna play well on Sunday.”

“When I played well I was like, ‘God’s awesome.’ When I didn’t play well it was almost like I blamed him for not playing well.”

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Assuming his career is over, Ponder finished with 6,658 passing yards, 38 TD’s and 36 INT’s.

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