Denny Hamlin Believes NASCAR Drivers Should Be Making ‘NBA, NFL Money’: ‘We’re Way Underpaid’

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series ISM Connect 300 - Qualifying

Denny Hamlin is convinced that NASCAR drivers should be making boatloads of money for what they do on the track.

The NASCAR star believes Monster Energy Cup Series drivers are “underpaid” and should receive the type of payouts that athletes in the NFL and the NBA receive.

“We’re way underpaid as race car drivers,” he said. “There’s no doubt, doing what we do, the schedule that we have and the danger that we incur every single week, NASCAR drivers should be making NBA, NFL money.”

Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes reported in February that Hamlin ranked third among NASCAR drivers in overall earnings for 2016 at $15.2 million behind only Jimmie Johnson ($21.8 million) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($21.1). Those figures include bonuses and endorsements, though—not just base salaries.”

Hamlin continued…

“I’m sure this will be in some headline somewhere where Denny says drivers aren’t paid enough, but I’m basing it off all other sports. I’m not including myself. I’m including the back half of the field — those drivers are risking the same amount I am and they should be paid a hell of a lot more.”

It must be noted that NASCAR is in the third year of a 10-year TV deal with NBC and Fox, which is estimated to be worth around $8 billion.

(Bleacher Report)

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