MLB Prospect Bubba Derby Made Himself Into Human Shield to Protect Strangers During Vegas Shooting (Video)

Bowdien Derby Bubba Derby Las Vegas Shooting

Milwaukee Brewers pitching prospect Bowdien “Bubba” Derby was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with friends and family on Sunday night when gunfire started raining down from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Now he’s being praised as a hero by two women who say he used himself as a human shield, helped them escape the concert grounds, and stayed with them all night until they were able to reunite with their friends.

Derby talked about the massacre in an interview with TMZ on Tuesday. In it he says his cousin shielded his girlfriend from bullets, while he tried to shield two women they had met that evening.

The two women Bubba met, Jori Jellison and Darci Wallace, mothers of three and two respectively, have come forward to corroborate his story in public Facebook posts.

“Bowdien grabbed our hands and ran us to safety which was certainly no easy feat,” Jellison wrote. “If he didn’t make us get up and run from the gunfire, I probably wouldn’t have moved. He stayed with us all night long until we were finally allowed to leave the casino we ran into. Bowdien and his amazing family then welcomed us into their suite, handing out pillows, blankets and just warmth. We left them around 6:30am to re-unite with our 6 friends. There was another woman with us as well, a terrified employee at the festival. Bowdien never panicked, never wavered. You all are so very blessed to have this amazing man (and family) in your lives. Darci’s 2 babies and my 3 children can never, ever thank you enough.

Take a look:

Bubba Derby Las Vegas Shooting Hero
darci wallace facebook post thanking bubba derby
Hats off to Bubba Derby for being an outstanding human being and giving us something good to think about during this time of sorrow.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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