Russia Finds Completely Insane Way to Meet FIFA’s Stadium Seating Requirements (PICS)

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FIFA asked for more seats for a Russian soccer venue, and they sure got them, only not in the way that they expected.

Ekaterinburg Arena in Yekaterinburg, Russia is slated to be among the host stadiums for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. However, it was lacking in seating capacity, falling short of the governing body’s requirement of 35,000 seats per venue.

So what did Russia do? They added seats in the jankiest way possible, by tacking on a set of bleachers that appear to actually sit OUTSIDE the venue itself, taking the capacity of the venue from 27,000 to 45,000. 

Here’s the “solution”:

Yikes. Let’s hope that scaffolding holds. The vantage point from the added seats appears to be a little…lacking.

This tweet doesn’t seem to suggest that anything at all is out of the ordinary with the arrangement, even though about half the crowd is essentially looking at the action from an elevated window seat.

Well, FIFA got their seats, and fans will get to experience what amounts to a terrifying thrill ride as they find their seats to watch next year’s action, so…win-win?

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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