7-Year-Old Conor McGregor Dancing Proves He Was a Showman From The Start (VIDEO)

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Most entertainers seem to be “born with it” when it comes to their ability to turn on the charm and showmanship for a crowd.

MMA star and failed boxer Conor McGregor proved that was the case for him in this video, which features the pugilist at just seven years old, all dressed up for the camera and dancing with other kids for a Holy Communion ceremony.

No matter what you think of the outspoken fighter, you have to admit that this clip of a young boy, dressed in a suit, dancing at church is pretty adorable. I mean, we can’t argue with the facts here.

Further, it’s clear that he was never hurting for self-confidence, either. Look at that smile. That kid could work a room better than most Vegas comedians could back in the day. It will be interesting to see where these talents take him if he proves to be serious about stepping away from fighting.

Dancing with the Stars?

Maybe they could convert it to pay-per-view and he could get a cut of the revenue.

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