Boxing Manager Goes Berserk at Presser, Tells Guy “I’ll F**k Your Wife In Your Bed!” (Video)

boxing manager goes ballistic threatens to sleep with guy's wife

This weekend, IBO super middleweight champ Chris Eubank Jr. will take on WBC super middleweight champ Avani Yildirim in Stuttgart, Germany. If the bout is half as entertaining as Wednesday’s press conference, boxing fans are in for a real treat.

The presser was going along just fine until Yildirim’s manager, Ahmet Öner, thought he heard some trash talk from a member of Eubank’s entourage, who was standing off to the side of the podium. Öner then stood up, walked over to the guy, and gave him a piece of his mind.

“You piece of s**t! Son of a b***h! You fight me you c**t!”

The guy from Eubank’s camp egged Öner on at first, asking “how far you gonna go?” and saying “try to knock me out.” But eventually he backed off, Öner was taken back to his seat, and the press conference resumed.

The calm lasted for about two seconds. Öner saw the guy from Eubank’s camp laughing and went ballistic.

“Don’t laugh at me, please! Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh at me. Make you laugh again. Don’t laugh at me. When you laugh, you son of a b***h, I’ll f**k your…I’ll f**k your wife in your bed!”

If there are young children or judgemental co-workers within earshot, you should probably plug in some headphones or turn the volume way down before watching this video.

Ahmet Öner later defended his actions, claiming Eubank’s guy provoked him with “racist comments.”

Eubank vs. Yildirim is this Saturday, October 7, at 5pm ET. If the promotors know what’s good for them, they’ll get Öner and the other guy out there as a last-minute addition to the undercard.

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