Cardinals RB Chris Johnson Has Custom “It” Cleats, and They’re Creepy as Hell (PICS)

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Image via Getty

The NFL relaxed its rules regarding cleats this year. Obviously, they didn’t relax them a lot. Don’t want anybody having too much fun! However, players can now wear custom cleats on the field before games, provided they don’t have (1) political messages, (2) anything that could be deemed “offensive,” or (3) any logos other than Nike, Adidas, or UnderArmour. This at least allows a little creativity and personality to shine through.

We’ve already seen some pretty impressive footwear this season. Bucs tackle Gerald McCoy rocked some Game of Thrones cleats, Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu paid tribute to the legendary Ric Flair, Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs commemorated Randy Moss’ full moon, and Cardinals running back Chris Johnson celebrated the life of the late great Tupac Shakur.

Now Johnson is back at it with some cleats that will haunt your dreams.

Prior to this week’s game in Philly, he’ll rock It-inspired cleats featuring Pennywise the sewer-dwelling clown and his favorite saying, “You’ll float too.”

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Chris Johnson’s custom cleat game is on point.

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