D-Backs Fan Promises to Get Archie Bradley Tattoo If He Plates Run, Ends Up Regretting His Decision (TWEETS + VID)

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When Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Archie Bradley came to the plate in the bottom of the 7th inning of Wednesday night’s NL Wild Card Game against the Colorado Rockies, there were two on, two outs, and his team clinging to a one-run lead. Every Diamondbacks fan watching at that moment wanted him to drive in an insurance run, but they knew it was incredibly unlikely.

Pitchers in general are terrible hitters, and relief pitchers are especially bad because they get so few at-bats. Bradley, for example, had 65 plate appearances over his three-year career coming into Wednesday night. He’d recorded just six hits, all singles, good for a .098 lifetime batting average.

So, like I said, nobody thought Manning was going to get a hit. Especially against excellent Rockies reliever Pat Neshak. That’s probably why a D-Backs fan by the name of Jeff Buss felt pretty comfortable making this promise on Twitter:



So what happened? With two balls and two strikes and two outs and two men on, Archie Bradley smoked a goddam two-run triple over the head of Charlie Blackmon in center field. It was one of the great moments in Diamondbacks history, and for a team that’s won a World Series, that’s saying something.

Take a look:


So now, obviously, Jeff Buss HAS to get Archie Bradley’s face tattooed on his back. Even Archie Bradley thinks so:


Unfortunatley, Buss is having cold feet, even though everybody knows he would basically be putting a curse on the D-Backs if he doesn’t do it:



Of course, some fans have suggested Buss at least take the money a tattoo would have cost and donate it to charity. And Buss says he’s considering it:


But I think he should get the tattoo AND donate the money. You don’t want to test the baseball gods after they came through for you. This is how teams go 108 years without winning a World Series.

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