Cross Country Teams Everywhere Are Doing The #PortaPottyChallenge, Which Is Both Gross And Impressive (Videos)


So the #PortaPottyChallenge is apparently a thing now. At least for high school cross country teams.

What is the #PortaPottyChallenge? Well, given the fact that portable toilets are quite often repugnant, odious affronts to human hygiene, you might think the #PortaPottyChallenge is simply a challenge to actually use a portable toilet. But that’s not it. It’s actually so much worse than that.

The #PortaPottyChallenge entails cramming as many people as possible into a portable toilet. For some reason it’s caught on big with high school cross country teams, who are apparently eager to prove their porta-cramming prowess.

So far, the most impressive effort comes to us from the cross country team at Riverside High School in South Carolina. They somehow managed to cram 40 kids into a portable toilet, which was so many that the thing was literally busting at the seams.

Take a look:

Gross. But impressive.

Here’s a compilation of some other #PortaPottyChallenge entries:

Kids these days sure know how to have fun.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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