Ex-Titans GM on Team Signing Weeden Over Kaepernick: ‘You Don’t Want The Circus’

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Earlier this week, the Tennessee Titans were in need of a veteran quarterback to back up Matt Cassel in case Marcus Mariota can’t suit up for the team’s week 5 game against the Miami Dolphins. In a system that is designed for a QB like Colin Kaepernick, the team decided to go another route and sign Brandon Weeden, who has now been on four different squads since being drafted in 2012.

He is a bad quarterback. There’s no denying that fact, but the Titans thought he was good enough to sign over Kaepernick.

Former Titans general manager Floyd Reese believes the team made a great choice. He claims Weeden can come right in and adapt to their system, but Kaepernick cannot. He also said the team doesn’t want the circus Kaepernick would bring due to his national anthem protest from last year.

“You know what you do with Brandon Weeden?” Reese said. “Brandon Weeden comes in here and knows what he has to do is he has to conform exactly to whatever it is they want. If Kaepernick comes in here, you feel the obligation to adjust the offense for him to give him a chance.

“And the third thing, and political people aren’t going to like this, you don’t want the circus,” Reese said.

“You don’t want this circus. We just talked last week about how you thought Delanie Walker getting a death threat cost them the game. Well, you can imagine what’s coming with this.”

(USA Today)

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