Jeremy Lin Urges His Fans To Stop Saying Racist Stuff To Kenyon Martin (VIDEO)

Jeremy Lin

Immediately following the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Miami Heat in a preseason game on Thursday night, reporters flocked to Jeremy Lin to ask him about the situation between himself and Kenyon Martin.

The Nets starting point guard made waves recently when he came out with a very noticeable new hairstyle. Former Nets star Martin apparently didn’t like it, so he took to Instagram and stated that Lin needs to be reminded what his last name is. Martin also said Lin wouldn’t be allowed on his team if he showed up looking like that because he’s trying to be black.

Lin eventually responded in the comments section of the post  doing so in a classy way that still managed to ether Martin. He then noticed that some of his fans were saying racists stuff in that post and that’s not what he wanted. So he spoke up about it after the game.

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