O.J. Simpson Spotted Signing Memorabilia In Secret Session At Vegas Hotel (Pic)

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Image via Getty

O.J. Simpson has been out of jail for four days, but he’s already back to cashing in on his bad name.

According to a report from TMZ, Simpson was seen signing a bunch of sports memorabilita related to his football career in a private room at a Las Vegas hotel on Tuesday night. Simpson reportedly spent two hours there. Items signed included USC and Buffalo Bills helmets, which will reportedly be sold by auctioneers.

The photo accompanying TMZ’s story is pretty grainy, but it certainly does look like Simpson.

OJ Simpson signing memorabilia Vegas hotel

Simpson, of course, was in jail for the last nine years after being convicted of robbing sports memorabilia at gunpoint. While there is nothing in his bail conditions that prevents him from making money off memorabilia, there is a question as to why he would even bother doing so.

You see, Simpson owes an estimated $100 million ($33.5 million plus 22 years interest) to the estates of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman as a result of the 1997 civil suit that found him liable for their deaths. While his NFL pension as well as several other annuities are protected by Florida law, any other money he earns has to go straight to the Browns and Goldmans.

Given that Simpson has made it clear he has no intention of ever paying the Browns and Goldmans, one would assume he’s getting paid under the table for signing the memorabilia. However, that is obviously against the law, and thus a violation of the conditions of his parole. So if he gets caught, it could land him back in prison.

So basically, if authorities ask him about the autograph sessions, O.J. will be forced to say of course he was going to declare that income. Which in turn means he won’t get to keep it.

Poor guy.

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