Tennis Player Gives Lamest Excuse For Testing Positive For Cocaine, But The ITF Actually Bought It

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British tennis player Daniel Evans tested positive for cocaine on April 24, 2017. Normally this would carry a suspension ranging from two to four years. However, Evans was able to convince the International Tennis Federation to suspend him for just one year. And the reasoning is pretty ridiculous.

You see, Evans admitted to doing cocaine on April 20, 2017. He says after taking some of the cocaine, he put the remainder in his pocket, and then in his toiletries bag next to some legal medication he takes on a daily basis, before eventually throwing it away.

Only a minuscule amount of cocaine was found in Evans’ system on April 24. According to an expert who testified on Evans’ behalf, the amount ingested was far less than the amount someone would knowingly ingest. Moreover, Evans would have had to ingest the substance within 24 hours of the drug test. Ergo, the only possible explanation is that Evans inadvertently contaminated his legal medication with cocaine.

According to ITF rules, use of cocaine to enhance performance is considered “intentional” and would come with an automatic four-year ban. However, if the player “can establish that it was used out-of-competition in a context unrelated to sports performance,” the violation shall result in a two-year ban.

So, Evans should get a two-year ban, right? He admitted to using cocaine!

Nope. The ITF bent over backward to find a reason to reduce Evans’ suspension to just one year.

In their official explanation, the ITF concludes that Evans cannot claim to bear “no fault or negligence” for his violation since he’s the one who took cocaine and then, like an idiot, contaminated his legal medication. However, in the very next paragraph, the ITF says, well, actually, we take it back.

Take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.17.13 AM

Obviously, this makes no sense at all. Evans admitted to taking cocaine. It’s his fault he tested positive. But the ITF is like, “nah, that’s cool. Mistakes happen, bruh.”

Daniel Evans is one lucky dude. He had the lamest excuse ever, and the ITF bought it.

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