Young Girl Responds To Cam Newton By Breaking Down 9 Different Routes (VIDEO)

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It took all of five seconds for Cam Newton to become public enemy #1 after he mocked a female reporter’s question about route running during a press conference on Wednesday.

Many male and female journalists took to social media and blasted the Carolina Panthers QB for his words, but none of them hold a candle to what this young girl did. It’s easily the best response we’ve seen since the controversy kicked off on Wednesday.

While wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey, the little girl made a video showcasing her knowledge on 9 different routes, adding bits of information about them when needed.

“OK, Cam. Pay attention because I’m only going to say this once!”

She also managed to sneak in a diss to the Panthers QB about his fashion sense.

“Cam, why do you wear the same clothes as my grandma?”

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