Kicker Makes Game-Saving Tackle Following RIDICULOUS Last-Second Kick Return (VIDEO)

Kicker Tackle

This may be the wildest football play I’ve ever witnessed since “The Play” during a 1982 contest between the Stanford Cardinals and California Golden Bears.

Trailing Lima Senior High School by one point with three seconds remaining, the St. Francis de Sales High School (Toledo) football team’s only hope at pulling off a victory was to continue lateraling the ball until they find an open seam to the end zone. It appeared as though they had found that open seam at one point, as sophomore running back Stephen Thomas broke loose down the sideline and appeared to have nothing but daylight in front of him…

But he was chased down by Lima Senior kicker Cole Mericle, who took Thomas down just a yard short of the end zone.

Check it out:

That right there was a kicker chasing down a running back. That’s why you never give up on the play, kids.

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