Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman ‘Likes’ Post Calling For Joe Girardi’s Job & Agrees That He’s An Imbecile

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees

Last night, the New York Yankees were on the cusp of tying the series with the Cleveland Indians…then the wheels fell off and they ended up losing in extra innings to get put in an 0-2 hole.

The pivotal moment in the game came when Joe Girardi failed to challenge a Lonnie Chisenhall hit-by-pitch. Replays showed it would have led to an inning-ending foul tip-strike three. Instead, Girardi didn’t challenge the call, Chisenhall loaded the bases, and Francisco Lindor hit a game-changing grand slam.

Following the game, Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman “liked” an Instagram post that called Girardi an imbecile and said he should be fired.


Once he realized that his ‘like’ was going viral, he quickly unliked it and went straight to Girardi to apologized for what he did.

(CBS Sports)

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