Brent Musburger Rips The 49ers For Instigating Protests During The National Anthem

Brent Musburger

Brent Musburger’s broadcasting career had its share of blemishes, from ogling women in the crowds, to speaking highly of Joe Mixon (who punched a woman in the face), to referring to John Carlos and Tommie Smith as “black-skinned storm troopers” back during the 1968 Olympics.

He left ESPN back in January of this year and now lives his days in Las Vegas, focusing on sports gambling. Now free to say how he really feels, Musburger took to Twitter on Sunday and blasted the 49ers organization for instigating the protests during the National Anthem. He went and pointed out their win-loss record in the process.

No word on if the 49ers’ failure to cover the 1.5-point spread is the actual reason Musburger was upset with the team.

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