Jerry Jones Thought Kneeling Controversy Would ‘Go Away’ After He Kneeled Before Anthem

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals

When you’ve been rich for half your life, you tend to be out of touch with common folk.

Two weeks ago in Arizona, Jerry Jones came out to the field and linked arms with his players as they all kneeled before the playing of the National Anthem. The team then rose as “The Star-Spangled Banner” began to play and returned to their sideline.

After recently revealing that he would not let any players take the field if they disrespected the National Anthem in any way, he stated to  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that he thought controversy surrounding the anthem protests would “go away” after he and his team kneeled in ‘unity’ prior to the anthem in Week 3 on Monday Night Football.

He was convinced that the show of unity would solve each and every problem between the players and fans.


Jerry continued:

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