South Carolina Gamecocks Fans Caught Getting Busy During Tailgate (PIC)


South Carolina Gamecocks fans are trying to give Buffalo Bills fans a run for their money..

College football fans are known for their crazy shenanigans. Most of them have just turned a legal drinking age and are experimenting with everything under the table.

SEC fans are a whole different type of breed, though. On Saturday, while the Gamecocks were inside Williams-Brice Stadium taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks, two Gamecocks fans were outside at the tailgate getting to know each other in a way that was really NSFW.

Yep, they were caught with their pants down getting it on in front of hundreds.

This wasn’t even the most shocking part that day, as one female fan in the stands was seen fidgeting with her man’s private parts as if thousands of people weren’t surrounding them in a stadium.

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