Director of NFL Players Association: “No Player Is Disrespecting Our Country Or Our Flag”

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At a time when more and more NFL teams are formulating policies mandating that players stand for the national anthem, the guy who represents the players at the bargaining table is insisting they be granted the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights.

On Monday, NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith issued a statement re-addressing the issue of players protesting during the national anthem. In it, he says NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Management Council Chair John Mara both assured union leaders just last week that they would continue allowing players to express their beliefs.

Smith also reiterates the opinion—held by everyone who protests or supports the protests—that “no player is disrespecting our country or our flag” when they kneel, sit, or raise a fist during the national anthem. Rather, they are trying to call attention to the fact that, contrary to what Mike Ditka would have us believe, “liberty and justice for all” is still just a theory.


This, surely, is a response to reports that the NFL and its owners are working hard to figure out how to limit the ability of players to protest during the national anthem.

So, sorry everybody, this issue is not going away any time soon.

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