Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Hilariously TROLLED Everyone With New Talk Show For Complex

Photo via Complex

Photo via Complex

We’ve all been had.

Yesterday, we published a story about how Gilbert Arenas exposed former porn star Mia Khalifa after she jumped into his DM’s and tried to hook up with him for a dinner, and maybe more…or so we thought.

Turns out the whole thing was just a publicity stunt to help the two of them promote their upcoming daily sports talk show, which will be hosted by Complex.

According to Complex’s Chief Content Officer Noah Callahan-Bever, the goal was for them to create “an anti-sports show sports show.” They wanted to replicate the types of sports discussions that are taking place in our homes and on social media, and they think they’ve done just that by partnering up the outspoken former NBA all-star with the popular former porn star/sports aficionado.

Here’s more from Noah (via The Washington Post):

“How are we going to create a product that is competitive in a sports landscape that is fairly crowded, and create a product that is totally differentiated in its voice? We’re going to have to get people that are totally differentiated in their voice, people that ESPN and Fox would never even entertain putting on their platform, but that are compelling, and that we can demonstrate are compelling. … Just like Gilbert, there is a rawness to [Khalifa] and to the way she talks about sports that I think is going to create a package that cannot be replicated by any of these more mainstream competitors.”

The show, titled “Out of Bounds,” is set to premiere on October 16. You can find it on Complex News’ YouTube Channel right here.