With His Amazing 90-Yard TD Run, Leonard Fournette Became the Fastest Ball-Carrier in the NFL This Year (VIDEO + TWEET)

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.35.02 AM

We all know that NFL running backs are fast, but Leonard Fournette reminded us just HOW fast they are when he tore into Pittsburgh’s defense for a 90-yard jaunt into the end zone.

Here’s a clip of the play, in case your memory is a little hazy from the weekend:


Sure, you can SEE how fast he is, but the stats bring on a whole new dimension. He screamed down the field at a legit “sprinter’s” pace, hitting 22.05 MPH during his scramble to the end zone.

Of course, these things are short-lived, so many are saying (less officially) that the record for the season only lasted a few hours:

Well, comparing kick returners and running backs is a little different, and I think I’d rather have the running back who can run flames through defenses 30 times per game over the guy who probably calls for fair catches half the time.

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